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Hey I am Mili

I am a photographer and photography for me is an art that recreates history.  


Mili Mukherjee – Photographer,

Sustainability Advocate.

The first time you meet photographer,Mili Mukherjee, you are struck by her unique and sophisticated aesthetic. Mili’s arresting ability to express herself through colour, composition and light finds expression in all the aspects of her professional and personal life. Her new-born and child photography portraits invoke a sense of freedom, nostalgia and innocence. Her travel photo-essays invite you into the frame and along for the journey. Her fashion photography creates striking vignettes. 

Mili’s journey as a photographer originally began in Switzerland in 2010, when she decided to quit the corporate lifestyle to pursue her creative passion. It continued as new born photography in a studio in Delhi, soon evolved as she rapidly developed a voice and style of her own. As she moved away from props and posed imagery, Mili developed a distinctly natural look with evocative compositions filled with natural light. Her photographs often use architecture, natural backdrops as well as beautiful objects to create a mood. Over the past decade her practise has expanded embracing many genres of photography including shooting kids’ campaigns with several well-known brands such as Fabindia and Love the World Today.

Her persona seems to extend beyond her petite frame into the prolifically mixed patterns, found objects and curated textures that surround her. An avid traveller herself, Mili also offers unique guided journeys that combine vacation photography with discovering hidden photogenic treasures across Goa. This unique offering invites travellers to capture a one-of-a-kind trip against the stunning backdrop of Goa, beyond the tourist path, with intimate and unforgettable images. She is one of the pioneers of vacation photography, being the first to offer this unique experience in India. She also offers underwater photography for kids and adults alike, creating stunning antigravity portraiture beneath the water’s surface. Other unique offerings include shooting ‘A day in the life’ for families, couples or friends. Mili also creates unique slice-of-life films for travellers.


The one connecting theme in all her photographs is a sense of story. Sunlit black and white shots, lush, frames full of depth and movement and always a sense of capturing a moment in the act unfolding. Another theme that persists in Mukherjee’s work is her deep and abiding love for nature. As an eco-influencer and an advocate for sustainability, Mili walks the talk. Gifted with a green thumb, she is an avid gardener who is passionate about low-carbon footprint living, propagating her own plants and even growing her own produce. 

When asked, she’ll tell you she likes to celebrate the little joys, the simple things. In every frame, Mili is chasing the authentic moment. And if you get in touch, you will discover she has found it, again and again.

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