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Answering a few of your Questions

Please scroll down to Q9 for Lifestyle/Maternity/Newborn Session FAQs 


Q1. Why us?

​A. Photography is our profession. We are not amongst those numerous photographers who double up as photographers by making time out of their current job or over weekends. We have also not jumped into photography right after buying a decent DSLR and a few lenses and then started putting "XYZ Photography" on photos that we have clicked. We have spent years on photography, initially as a hobby and now as a full time profession. We are a husband-wife team who love to work together and that shows in our photos. Over the period, we have learnt to anticipate moments - a must in candid photography. We carry an experience of different kinds of situations - from outright beautiful day weddings all the way to the very challenging ones with very low light. Hence, we are prepared for most kinds of situations. We take things absolutely seriously as this is our only means of living.


Q2. What is true candid photography?

​A. Everyone claims to do candid photography nowadays. The neighbourhood studio claims to do it. The friend or the relative with a decent DSLR claims to do it. As a customer, you are bombarded with a hundred options, thousands of photos and its easy to get a little bit confused. Its quite a common knowledge now that Candid Photography means photos that do not have people posing in them. However, a lot of people still believe Candid photography is all about close up shots of the bride, the groom, a smiling relative, close up shots of Mehndi on palms, photos of the bride's jewellery, etc. That is what is mostly available for you to see. Now, all this is just part of it. True Candid photography should be able to tell about your Wedding day and associated rituals as and how they were. It should be authentic and genuine and should be able to tell about the day in a way that you can relate to years later. It is timeless. It should also weave the seemingly "Not so perfect" moments perfectly together with the dazzling moments to document everything that happened on the day. That is why true Candid Photography has an "art" tag associated with it. Have a look at our complete coverages. Infact, ask for it. We can't display it on our site, but we can share the link. It might seem tedious going through a hundred photos, but you will get a good idea about what we are talking about.


Q3. Why do our rates seem high?

A. Our rates look high compared to a lot of photographers. There are reasons for the same. Leaving aside the fact that we have to make a living out of our photography, we invest a lot in photography equipments. They are expensive, and although its a fact that a good photographers dont need high end equipments to deliver good photos, its also a fact that this statement is true for maybe 95% of the cases. There is this 5% scenario that a photographer is able to capture only if he has the right equipment. There is ofcourse a reason why the best photographers carry the best equipments with them on professional assignments. We also invest in original copies of softwares for our post processing as we are firm in our commitment against piracy. We have to invest in a countless other things. And ofcourse, we would be charging a bit for the talent and expertise we bring to the table, won't we? We want to make our packages more affordable, but we simply cant due to all these reasons.


Q4. Why do our rates seem low?

A. We have heard this question in reality. So much, in fact, that we feel compelled to clarify our stand on it. Yes, our rates look low compared to a lot of good photographers. Again, there are reasons for the same. The biggest reason is that we want to make good candid photography more affordable to you. If your budget for photography is more, and you want to pay us more, we dont mind at all!! We started off with a low price initially and did not want to bump up the price right away so much that there was a stark difference. So we have tried to maintain a slow rate of upward revision of our price. We know there is scope for even further upward revision of our price, but as of now, we are not in a hurry. Yes, photography is a business for us, but its also our passion. Also, unlike some good photographers who quote high and then negotiate to come to a better price, we do not negotiate on our price.


Q5. What equipments do we carry with us for Candid Photography?

​A. We work with full frame DSLRs as they work better in low light, making it possible to shoot without a flash or additional lighting unless ambient light is too low. We carry two cameras in our Single Photographer packages and shoot with both simultaneously so that we do not have to pause to change lenses. In the two Photographer package, we carry atleast 3 cameras between the two of us. We also carry external flashes, although we prefer not to use them unless absolutely required. We carry a range of lenses and use them as per the situation. All these lenses are ones with very low "f" number. 


Q6. Do we have assistants to help us in photo shoots?

​A. We do not feel the need for assistants in taking photos. You will be hiring us for our photography skills and so having an assistant for taking photos is not fair to you. We are against having assistants just for the sake of having them to make ouselves look important. However, we do carry assistants to help us look after our stuff and carry them here and there if the venue is huge. 


Q7. What is our team size?

​A. We are an earnest husband-wife team. The two of us form the core team. We do the Candid photography and edit the photos ourselves. Its our specialization and we want to stick to that. We have a set of reliable traditional photographers, whose services we take to cover stage photos, when that is a specific need. We also have a set of reliable traditional videographers, who work with us when that is a requirement. A lot of our clients ask us about Wedding Cinematography. We feel that is a very specialized area and not everyone can do justice to the high package price of wedding cinematography. We provide references for Wedding Cinematography and normally ask our clients to deal directly with them so get the best deal from them. During peak season, we team up with Post Production studios for editing as well as we are busy with back to back shoots and find little time for processing. Album desiging and printing is done by renowned vendors specializing in Wedding Print Services. We are actively involved in the designing. At all point in time, other than Wedding Cinematography, we are the Single Point of contact for our clients.



Q8. How long does it take to deliver?

​A. We are aware that our clients are eager to see the photos and videos at the earliest. Quite honestly, we are eager to see the end result too as its our own art. In off-peak seasons, delivery is almost never an issue. We are able to share the processed photos within a couple of weeks of the photoshoot. After selection of photos for the photobook is done by our clients, the designing and printing of the photobook takes about another 2 weeks. So, we have delivered end to end services within a month. It becomes more of a challenge during "peak" seasons to stick to such aggressive timelines, not just for us, but for all photographers, unless they can include a dedicated Post Production team in their price. We ask our clients to be aware that during peak season, sharing of processed photos can take upto 6 weeks, although we work long hours to ensure that we can deliver much earlier, if possible. Once the selection of photos is done, photo book designing and printing can also take another 4 to 6 weeks. Its therefore not too much of a surprise when a lot of Candid photographers ask for an overall lead time of 4 months for end to end delivery. We are coming up with a model wherein, we can do a priority delivery at an additional price. Please enquire about it, if you have the need. In peak seasons as well, we are always open to share a set of 5-10 photos urgently.


The next set of questions are applicable mostly to Maternity/Newborn/Lifestyle sessions.

Q9. Where will the photo sessions be done? Do you need to come to a studio?

​A. We do on-location photo sessions. That is to say that the photo sessions are done either at our client's homes or   outdoors. Outdoor locations could be a famous location in your city, a park in your neighbourhood, or could be even a local cafe. This way the sessions are unique. 

Q10. Since we are doing candid photography do we not ask our clients to pose at all?

A. We try to ensure that our clients do not appear stiff in the photos. So we ask them to be themselves and give them just some basic guidance and leave the rest up to them. That way, we try to ensure that we get as natural a shot as possible.


Q11. Since there are two of us, who will be your photographer?

A. Both of us are capable enough to cover all kinds of photo sessions that we have on offer and we have done that in the past. Having said that, we do have our own areas that interest us more than the others. So, normally Shweta will more likely be your photographer for Lifestyle, Maternity and Newborn photo sessions. Soumak joins her as well at times or could be the photographer in case Shweta is not able to make it. 

Q12. How we handle kids during photo sessions?

A. We let the kids be themselves. We ask the parents to interact with them and have fun and we click the photos at the right moments. Also, we are never in a hurry. When kids are not in a good mood, we give them time and in worst case do postpone the photo shoot without any additional charges.

Q13. How long will the photo shoots be? Do we charge extra for additional hours?

​A. We tend to think that to get good photos, we need to be patient. So none of our packages are time bound. We give photo sessions ample time till we get sufficient number of good photos or as long as our clients' are not feeling exhausted. We work a lot with kids and their mood can be unpredictable at times. We understand that and hence feel the more that we cannot have time bound photo sessions. We are parents to a sweet little 4 year old lady ourselves. So we understand such aspects.

Q14.  What should you wear during photo sessions? Do you need to carry anything with you?

A. We do a pre session consultation before every photo session where we discuss what you should be wearing. They will be from your existing wardrobe itself, but we advise you to keep to clothes that will not be distracting in the photos.

We will carry our props during the photos. You could get some of your kid's favorite toys, books, etc to add a more personal touch to the photos.

Q15. Can you change dresses during the photo sessions?

A. Yes, of course. As long as the location permits it, we in fact encourage it.

Q16. What props do we have?

A. We have special handpicked props like baskets, hair accessories, rugs etc. We have gathered our props from a lot of different places. Some of them are handmade and very unique. Our props are classy and sometimes vintage also. For newborns we go for customised handmade props. 


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