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Frequently Asked Question

Packages and Pricing

Review our packages below and then contact us to discuss what you are interested in 

specifically along with available dates and times. Once we have set a date and time, a 

signed contract along with a 50 percent deposit is required 2 weeks prior to your session to 

secure it. A custom package can also be arranged for you if you have specific needs.

Basic Collection : INR 14,000

Up to 2 hour photo session

Family members ( Moms and Dad ) included 

One to two changes allowed

Access to all maternity props

Professional image enhancements

Disc of 40-50images;

Personal use rights + printing certificate

Private online viewing gallery

Child and Family Photography in Studio: 

A child has a special way of adding joy to everyday.



What to expect

Photographing kids is like 

cooking with a recipe. We 

create an inviting and safe 

environment that a kid will 

feel comfortable in (our 

studio). Add equal parts 

anticipation and patience. 


Throw out all the rules. Add 

the main ingredient 

(laughter). Have fun and 

be willing to look silly and 

totally not care :)

What to wear

One thing that needs to be considered 

during your session  are your outfits.

Making good choices in your clothing 

is a key element to making the photo 

session great!  If the session is a group 

session it is important for the clothing 

to be coordinated.  Simple and 

timeless is the look that you should 

strive for.    I do not recommend 

wearing clothing that has a large print, 

checkered patterns and geometric 

designs on them.  These typically do 

not photograph very well.  It is a good 

idea to decide on what you will all be 

wearing about two weeks prior to the 

session.  This is also when I will check 

in with you to see what you have 

decided to wear.  I always recommended 

that you lay them out on a bed and step 

back to see what they look like together.  

Once the choices have been made you 

should be sure that they are clean and 

wrinkle free for the session. 


By knowing what you and everyone else 

will be wearing you will see that your 

stress level will be much lower come the 

day of the session.

A small suggestion from my side :

During your session it is important 

that you feel comfortable and at ease.  

You should have a natural smile.  

If you feel pressured to smile you 

might not have the natural look that 

people strive to see in the images.  


Most of our best shots are ones that 

we refer to as “in- between” shots.  

These happen when the person who 

is being photographed relaxes and 

has a natural smile.  


We have some tricks to make the 

job fun and easy so that the subject 

you do not have to worry and try so 

hard.  This is your day so you should 

relax and enjoy it.  




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