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Double Fun | Maternity Photographer in Delhi

Now, this was a double dhamaka.

We (Soumak and I) did this session in March and the weather was really nice – something that is a bit rare.

Yes, Soumak joined me in this session and, since our parents were not in town, Dhriti joined us as well. Believe me when I say that she still wants to meet Phuchku (the “Big Sister” – check out the photo down below) every second day.

Shruti and Ashish were very very enthusiastic about the session. We had planned on a lot of things together before the session (don’t miss the vintage story board towards the end) which we could execute.

Their lovely space truly gave us creative fatigue. This remains one of our favourite lifestyle sessions.

We did all sorts of permutations and combination for boy and girl props and went literally crazy doing that. Finally it was a Twince and a Twincess.

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