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Five reasons why I like to keep my studio sessions minimalistic ⎪Child Photographer in Delhi, NCR

Imagine a child walking into a new place called "studio" where they have limited space to run around and a couple of new faces too. A lot of time we as photographers think about our challenges of how to make the kids happy and comfortable.

Here is my bit on why I prefer to keep my studio sessions simple, clutter free and according to the child's choice.

1) A clutter free space ( without a set up ) makes me concentrate on the true elements of the kid to be captured. This is more age specific and sometimes challenging too. They all love to do what they are meant to do, isn`t it?

I really want the attention to be on the gesture and that is why sometimes just plain backdrop works best for me.

2) It is a good idea to understand about the child's interest and personality and then decide about the props instead of just making them sit in front a set. In the next photo little 'A' is showing his satisfaction after drinking coke as he is really fond of Cola. I believe he will be able to relate to this photo much more when he will grow up.

3) A simpler set up also makes me concentrate on interesting angles and focal length to make the photo look more arty without set ups.

4) I don't want to miss capturing little details like milk teeth, once again this happens best when we have a simpler backdrop.

5) A simple timeless and uptight family photo where the attention is totally on the bonding other than a distractive backdrop is a must for me.

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