My love for Make in India ⎟ Newborn Photographer in India

A lot of you must be knowing that I took a break from Child Photography in the beginning of this year. I was really busy with my Wedding Assignments, shift of city and documenting my own girl's summer vacation. I had been planning to blog more, finally got some time ( not really ) to write down sometihng that I had in my mind since a long time.

This blog post is specially for Newborn Photographers in India. It beings with a bit of personal story but I hope you all will find this meaningful.

Last summers I did a social documentary shoot where I got to meet the local artisans of India.

I was totally unaware of the fact about how China has impacted a lot of people's lifes in our country. Our artisans making handmade things are struggling these days to meet the basics.

I then decided to quit buying things from many websites, not just props but also my personal things. That was when my search for finding or creating props in India increased. I procured clothes from local people, gave them for stitching to local tailors. Off course there was a lot of running around but the satisfaction I got was worth all the effort.