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My love for Make in India ⎟ Newborn Photographer in India

A lot of you must be knowing that I took a break from Child Photography in the beginning of this year. I was really busy with my Wedding Assignments, shift of city and documenting my own girl's summer vacation. I had been planning to blog more, finally got some time ( not really ) to write down sometihng that I had in my mind since a long time.

This blog post is specially for Newborn Photographers in India. It beings with a bit of personal story but I hope you all will find this meaningful.

Last summers I did a social documentary shoot where I got to meet the local artisans of India.

I was totally unaware of the fact about how China has impacted a lot of people's lifes in our country. Our artisans making handmade things are struggling these days to meet the basics.

I then decided to quit buying things from many websites, not just props but also my personal things. That was when my search for finding or creating props in India increased. I procured clothes from local people, gave them for stitching to local tailors. Off course there was a lot of running around but the satisfaction I got was worth all the effort.

Here, I will be writing three tips when you are buying props from India.

Before I tell you about three tips for buying newborn props from India, I want to mention that before buying your newborn props understand your own style. Understanding style has got nothing to do with so many photos that you see and get inspired.

Don't you all feel the same way - Get inspired but create your own piece of art. This will happen only when you will start knowing yourself.

The moment you are aware of your style, you will buy the right stuff and you will not end up collecting props that are unused and thrown somewhere.

My style is mostly vintage with a touch of nature if. The references I will give over here will reflect that.

Here is five tips for prop hunting -

1) Go to fabric shops, anywhere and everywhere. Look at fabrics and think of DIY ideas.

In the photos below, the pink drape is from a local shop in Delhi. I love using textured clothe and so was totally in love with this when I saw it. The blue throw is from Varanasi Airport.

For curly wool, I took an old woollen throw and used brush to bring that feel. The colour palette was very well thought of according to the drawer I used. The hairband is also handmade and I got everything in a local craft shop.

Newborn Photographeir n Bangalore

2) Go to places from where you can procure props that will reflect a bit of our country. Why not make block print popular in Newborn Photography?

I know that many of us would spend on Etsy shops but would not spend the same amount on Indian shops. My request - please please and please go to places like Fab India, Good earth, The shop. You will definitely be supporting someone indirectly. The pink quilt and pillow is from a The shop and the yellow quilt and soft elephant is from Good Earth. The yellow base in the second photo is a knit material cloth that I had bought from a local shop in Noida.

The base that I have used in the third photo is a Dhurrie from Fabindia

Bangalore Newborn Photographer

Newborn Photographer in Bangalore

3 ) When you are bored of any piece, reuse and reinvent. We are Indians, this should be in our blood ;)

The wool and drape below is organically dyed into green. The cloth is simple muslin, without any stretch, it is dyed and twisted in the way we twist Duppattas. I did this to get some texture and layers. Again, this is totally my choice because I love texture.

The bucket in both the photos is the same bucket, painted in yellow colour.

Newborn Photographer Goa
Newborn Photographer Goa

I am sure you all must have done your bit of DIY, would love to listen from you too.




Shweta is also the Co-founder of The Creative Lens and a Child Photographer since last 7 years. She loves to document everyday in a natural way and believes that those memories are our biggest keepsakes. Her everyday stories can be seen here - Mommygrapher

Contact her at for any collaboration or enquiry.

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