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Family Photoshoot Style Guide

Vacation - Earthy - Summers

Beach - Fresh - Summers

Beach  & resort Session

-Don't get too matchy-matchy.

-Basic is fabulous too.

:Pink, teal, pastel green, pastel yellow and whites are good  for beach. 

-Avoid super bold patterns. You want to look at the picture and notice your expressions an emotions -  the vibe, not that super bold prints.

-Make sure whatever outfits you choose, they are YOU. This is very important. 

I suggest pastels for beach and whites or earthy colours like maroon and yellow for the resort. 


Attention to details

Pay attention to bottoms, keep them in the same family as colours chosen.

Like in this  photo, we. chose beige ( family of yellow ) and white  as  white is also there in the dress.

Grery or denim would not have been the. best option. 

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