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Art has got no rules | Child Photographer in India

I had been planning to resume my 'Mom's Diary' since ages. Although, I am still time pressed I just felt that I have to do it as there's never going to be a free time to do it.

Art has no rules and that is one of the reasons I have not sent my child to any extra class related to art yet. Yes, she cannot copy a painting, but, she always talks in terms of mixing mediums and textures.

She loves colouring herself and I have never stopped her from doing that.

I am doing a project with her where we are incorporating nature to create some arty paintings.

We made the base using crayons and used flowers and acrylic paint for stamps. One of the main reasons for using acrylic paint was to get some texture.

After creating the painting I had a conversation with her about color combinations. When she realised that she had violet colour on her fingers there was no looking back after that ;) The happiness of immersing her hand in the paint was worth watching.

Don't you think that as a parent we are their first teacher?

I feel that when you leave them to themselves they learn to innovate.

Dhriti is wearing Zara's dress that used to be of her cousins. We love sharing and recycling old clothes.

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