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A Visit to the Speedo Store ⎟ SpeedoIndia ⎟Speedokids

You will see Lola smiling in the mall. Why? Because we are not regular mall goers. We only go when there is a need. In any case, Goa has just one good mall in the vicinity of where we live. How many times can one go to the same place?

When we were in Bengaluru, last month, we did go to a few malls. Like this time, when we made a trip to the Speedo store to get some excellent swimming stuff for her. I have been, myself, using Speedo swim suits since a long time and when I got to know that they have introduced a new range for kids, the store visit became a must. Bengaluru's Speedo store being pretty impressive, we waited for our Bengaluru trip. I was pretty happy when I saw the Speedokids collection at the SpeedoIndia store.

We eventually picked up for Lola a Swimsuit (leg suit) made of UPF 50+ fabric. Isn't that amazing? She had had some allergies off late, and that is why I chose to go for a leg suit. It would provide her extra protection from sun rays.

Although we went for a regular swimming cap, I was quite tempted by the 'Holo Wonder Junior Cap'. That will probably have to wait for the next visit.

However, what Lola liked most were the Junior Goggles. I had never seen her getting the same comfort from any other goggles. I think I will go for a similar one for myself as well.

If your kid is a beginner, you might want to check out the 'Sea Squad' range. It's quite an amazing one.

Oh! I had my camera with me too and so took a few photos of her at the store and also the next splash at the pool.

So, what is going to be your weekend plan?

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