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Playing Dress up and Pretend Games ⎟Mom blogger in India

We all know that playing dress up is fun and important for our kids.

There are many benefits associated with this activity, like brain building, emotional development, imagination etc. I feel in today's world one of the most important reason why children should be motivated to play dress up is to switch them off from media and still enjoy their imaginative world.

Here I have four tips to motivate the kids for pretend games and dress up activities :

1) Create a REACHABLE space for all the clothes, accessory and handmade creatives that can be used for dress-up games.

Kids Photographer in Goa

2) Motivate them for real time activity while playing dress up, like baking, teaching etc.

3) Motivate them to think creatively even when they are out travelling and having fun. Let the imagination flow.

In this photo Lola is pretending to be Mionee.

Kids Photographer in Goa

4) Motivate them for impromptu dress up, like making moustache using play dough, or drawing something on the chalkboard etc.

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