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Display Magic | Zoomin Collage Poster mounted on Sunboard

I am very fond of printing, trying out new prints, displaying them, replacing them with new ones and many times going back to the old ones is like a part of my life.

Few weeks ago I had ordered a sunboard from Zoomin. I loved the print quality and apart from I would love to talk about few interesting things about the product and Zoomin app.

  • It was very easy to create the collage through their application, any parent and also grandparents can do it.

  • A sunboard is easy to display and you can do a lot with it, you do not have to run around to get the framing done. Although Zoomin has an option of ordering photos with frame ;)

  • I also love the story telling aspect of collage

Here are three ways that I could think of displaying it.

The sunboard comes with a double sided tape, you can just use it for sticking a rope behind, more like a quick DIY and hang it on the wall.

Printing in India -

The second and my favourite one is displaying sunboard on easel. I feel easel always give that vintage touch to your place.

Printing in India -

The last one is kind of interesting. You can keep a memory box on any of your corner table or cool trunks. Along with the photo you can keep coasters or any interesting stuff.

Photo Print in India -

I would appreciate your opinion on this and check out for their interesting products.

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