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Happy Mother's Day - Personal Thought

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there. Today on the occasion of Mothers Day, I have something special to share. You must have been seeing me and my little ones's pictures here, but today this blogpost is more about my Mother.

When we had lost her 11 years ago, a piece of me was gone with her. I couldn't reconcile with the loss and would wonder always where and how she would be. I constantly kept looking for the answers - why her? why us?What if? I tried following a different religion, different ways of healing and when nothing helped, I withdrew into my own shell because the pain was something I wanted to own.

But after many years, something changed. I consciously realised my growing love for saree & lip color and my longing for bed tea. I realised my confidence has increased and I want to excel in my work and still want my house and kid to be perfect. .just like her. I discovered that I am a part of my Mom and a bit of her is inside me and will always be there. I discovered her inside me and with her the missing piece of me has come back. It is still different with out you but thank you Mom for making me complete. Happy Mother's Day.

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