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When you take a break | D's Travel Diary | Child photographer in Delhi

I am sure you all take a break from work and sometimes those breaks are specially for your kids. Have you ever tried taking a break with least usage of mobile phone and other media devices? Few suggestions about a simple but fruitful trip with your little - grown ups:

  • Choose a location ( property ) without television. Two of our favourite such properties are:

Hill Fort Kesroli, Neemrana ( the photos here are from there ) & Sitla Estate, Sitla.

  • Enjoy either sunset or sunrise with your Kid / Kids.

  • Try carrying some puzzles or ludo or other games to play together.

  • Listen to their stories and tell some of yours.

  • Try doing short road trips, and enjoy the drive with family chit-chat.

  • Capture some moments to make memories.

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